Chengine, the lowest CO2 emission of any combustion engine. May reduce gas comsumption by 50%
Internal Combustion
Four-stroke cycle
(or Otto cycle)

1. Intake
2. Compression
3. Power
4. Exhaust

Combustion Physics
  • Chemical energy released go into heat
  • H2O, CO2. Nox and hydrocarbon have vibration and rotation mode. They extinguish flames!!!!!. They rob energy that pushes piston (temperature and pressure
  • Cooking outdoor in a mist or light rain
  • H2O and CO2 has
    twice the heat
  • Reference: John Heywood pp 405

Chen Engine

The Internal Combustion Engine Of The 21st Century

Internal Combustion Engines

Internal combustion engines have been with us for 160 years, and are dominated by two types, Otto and Diesel. They served us, quite well. Now we are in the 21st century and the technologies available now, enable us to develop an updated internal combustion engine, that was not possible, one and one half centuries ago. We now have a computer to monitor all parameters of the engine, and actuators that can be activated, independent of the engine cycle. Direct fuel injection is one such example, and it provided improvement, in power and efficiency of the Otto engine.

The Chen Engine

The Chen engine is a new innovation that purges exhaust gas completely from the cylinder, by direct injection of high pressure air. The exhaust gas contains CO2 and H2O. These gases are normally used in fire extinguishers, as they have the ability to quickly reduce flame temperature, and thus rapidly cool the fire. These properties are of great benefit, if you want to extinguish a fire. However, if it remains in the cylinder during the combustion process, they will also try to extinguish combustion in the cylinder. For the Otto (gasoline) engine, one must use more air and fuel to overcome the effect of CO2 and H2O that remains in the cylinder. In other words, we waste fuel to combat the negative effect of CO2 and H2O.

Our Chen engine has theoretically shown, that if the waste gas is completely purged during idle, the gas consumption can be reduced perhaps 50%. This translates into 25% or more, improvement of city mpg, for a gasoline engine car. If it is optimized, then we should approach Diesel mpg for city driving. This is about 50% better than the normal gasoline Otto engine.

In addition to the efficiency, approaching the diesel, pollution of our Chen engine is also much improved, over both Diesel and Otto. The injected air burns up unburned HC and CO at high temperature, and therefore we do not have CO or HC pollution. The remaining NOx is the only pollutant we need to be concerned about. Compared with Diesel, we do not have soot to contend with, and other toxic substances. Therefore our Chen engine is the cleanest intrinsic engine, up until now.


The mission of this project is to commercialize our Chen engine, as soon as possible. This website is used for the following purposes:

Dissemination of the concept of the Chen engine, so that the automobile community knows such an alternative exists, for the internal combustion engine. On this website, technical information will be available for every one. Also the concept of "Cloud Innovation" will be tried. Information is flowing one way to the general public, and also feedback to us. World wide development experience will be shared in this platform. As the Chen engine concept is easily implemented on small engines, we expect that first Chen machine, will be a motorcycle engine. We shall develop a prototype motorcycle Chen engine, and welcome others to share their experiences. The second purpose of this project, is to raise funds for further development. We would like to develop the commercialized engine, but that is perhaps beyond out financial reach. Nonetheless, we will do research and development, with the funds raised. During the past three years, we discovered that the traditional engine, fundamental text books, need updating. Our funding will contribute to education, as well as technical articles on our engine.

The most critical component of the Chen engine, is the air injector. If sufficient funding is raised, this will allow the development, testing and commercialization of that critical component. With this component available in volume and quality, the development of our Chen engine is 90% done.

The last objective of this project is to provide consulting services to interested engine manufacturers. To the extent they have certain specific problems to solve, we can provide service to help them overcome these issues. Along the same line, this is the site that solicits technology licensing, from world wide engine manufactures. The potential licensees can range from a formula one racing team, to a lawn mower.

Our Chen engine is the internal combustion engine, of the 21st century. It has the lowest CO2 emission of any combustion engine, by the simple fact that it is the most efficient, in converting fossil fuel into mechanical energy. This is true, whither we need it to drive a car, a motorcycle, or fly an airplane. This also applies to generating electricity, from a gasoline powered motor.